Good News for Environmental Preservation

We are all aware that our planet has been exploited for thousands of years and finally, we are seeing governments around the world introducing legislation that restricts industries across the board, with very severe penalties for businesses that break green laws. Waste management is a major component to protect the environment and the waste management regulations are very clear, preventing the release of pollutants into our waterways and atmosphere.

State of the art equipment

Factories in West Palm Beach use cutting edge oil skimming equipment that meets the US government standards, ensuring that industrial waste is properly filtered before the waste is released into the waterways. Oil-water separators are critical to processing industrial waste and if you are in need of waste treatment solutions, talk to the experts, who can help you to comply with environmental laws by reducing the level of pollutants found in waste material.

Major oil spills are down

We all remember the Exxon Valdez incident, which resulted in millions of gallons of crude oil deposited into the ocean and despite a massive clean-up operation, a lot of damage was done to the environment and wildlife. Technology has improved to the point where this kind of thing is less likely to occur and all toxins that are transported by rail, road, see and air are very carefully monitored. Here are a few tips to make your business greener, which might prove to be very useful.

Forest conservation

This is one area that has greatly improved here in the US, as the Forestry Department adopts a green approach to timber harvesting, making sure that any logging is done in a sustainable way. If we manage our forests wisely, we can still harvest timber and with cycles of new growth, we should not have less trees, rather maintain existing forests in a sustainable way.

Wildlife success

There have been many campaigns to help raise the numbers of species that are critically endangered; introducing the wolf back into the US National Parks was long overdue and we are also doing what we can to help salmon return to their birthplace and reproduce, which is an essential component to a balanced ecosystem. It could be said that we are learning more about our domestic wildlife, while hunting is also being limited, which helps keep numbers up. Bears, for example, are protected in most places, with heavy fines for those caught hunting without a valid permit, while all parks are patrolled by park rangers.

Global warming

We have people such as the young student Greta Thunberg to thank for sending a strong message to governments around the world, making the people’s voice heard and shaming politicians for ‘failing to act’. Some scientists think it is already too late, while others insist that there is still time to stop the rise in global temperature; once a specific temperature is reached, the experts say this will trigger an irreversible chain of events that would put a lot of land underwater.

As you can see, it isn’t all doom and gloom regarding environmental issues and if we all try to reduce our carbon footprint, the world would be a better place.

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