How To Make Your Gas Guzzler More Environmentally Friendly

eco friendly gas guzzler

There are hundreds of different models of cars on the roads today. Many of these cars were made before eco-friendly features and components appeared on vehicles. Gas-guzzlers tend to use more fuel and generate higher emissions than many newer cars that are designed to be environmentally friendly. Fortunately, there are several steps drivers can take in order to make a gas-guzzler more eco-friendly.

5. Clean the Car

Cleaning the dirt and debris from the surface of the car will actually help to make it more eco-friendly. The dirt provides a small amount of resistance that will actually lower fuel efficiency. Simply keeping the car clean will reduce fuel usage by a small amount especially when driving long distances each week.

4. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance and tune-ups make a car more eco-friendly. Problems such as a clogged filter will force the engine to work harder and produce more harmful exhaust. Misaligned wheels have the same effect since they increase the work required to move the vehicle. Regular maintenance makes sure that all of the components from the cylinders and intakes to the transmission are working as efficiently as possible. This reduces emissions and increases fuel efficiency.

3. Lighten the Car

Every extra pound of weight in a gas-guzzler reduces fuel efficiency. This means more gas is necessary. Reducing the weight of the car will lower emissions and the amount of gas needed each month. The simplest way to do this is to unload any items that are not necessary. Items like a spare tire and a tire wrench should be kept in the car for safety.

2. Air Filters and Spark Plugs

Two components to change to make a car more eco-friendly are the air filter and the spark plugs. A high-flow air filter allows more oxygen to reach the engine. New spark plugs operate more effectively than old and dirty plugs. Replacing these components will increase the efficiency of engine combustion. This reduces emissions and increases number of miles the car can travel on a gallon of gas.

1. Change the Tires

The tires on a gas-guzzler can have a large impact on the environmental friendliness of the vehicle. Worn tires increase strain on nearly every part of the car. They also present a safety hazard. Purchasing a set of Nitto tires online will make the car more eco-friendly in several ways. The tires grip the road better and reduce unnecessary friction. The high-quality rubber will last for a long time so that the tires do not quickly end up in a landfill or other location. New tires improve fuel efficiency and lower wear that could reduce engine performance.

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