Let us be a Litter Quitter

Call yourself literate, cultured, civilized or so-called sophisticated? How fond we are of pointing the fingers at others without being alarmed at what we do. We are so desensitized to the filth around that deep-down even loathing it, we can’t stop ourselves form transforming the nature to garbage.

Oh God! Look at the dump! How trashy this place is; why cannot people just dispose the garbage where it belongs? And so much more we dare to say if ever our senses come to life and we realize the unnoticed refuse spread all around us. Who are these people that we point at? Are these some aliens from Mars who we hold responsible? NO! THESE PEOPLE ARE US!

We should not throw the wrappers out of our car-window; we should not toss the cigarette butts out from the terrace or anywhere we smoke; we should keep our country clean and green. Huh? I would call this “should-syndrome” that is defined as merely some lip-service without proactively taking the first step to essentially act upon what we say.

Before I started to write this article, I thought of doing some research on the anti-litter campaigns in Pakistan and I was not really surprised to find out only a few. But I would appreciate their true efforts and the actual work they are doing because they are not at ease of merely giving motivating lectures. They have succeeded beyond the should-syndrome.

Deal’ is an anti-litter campaign with the vision “Make Karachi one of the Cleanest Cities on earth.” Their objectives are to ensure litter free environment in Karachi by the year 2012, educate the citizens, primarily kids, about littering hazards; keeping the city clean; create a positively competitive environment between the towns, ultimately keeping them clean. Another campaign by them is “Don’t mess with Karachi”. With fingers crossed I am hoping that they fulfill what they have promised. Do visit them at http://www.deal.com.pk/anti.htm

Another expectation was reflected in the news about ‘CDA’ published by Pakistan Today. CDA is under the spotlight in the news, saying: “ISLAMABAD – The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will arrange anti-litter camps next month to raise awareness among the residents of the katchi abadis to ensure cleanliness.” Apart from this, CDA really has taken measures that include fining 600 citizens, who were spotted doing the littering. Providing the dust-bins to the markets, distribution of the awareness materials to the schools and passenger vans, giving the collected fine to the sanitary officials to take the appropriate measures against those involved in defacing our beautiful capital are a few of the many CDA collaborations. CDA has deployed the anti-litter force to watch like a hawk, the litterers and fine them on the spot.

I would like to add my personal experience here, involving the efforts of Dr. Rashad Ramzan who is an Associate Professor at FAST University, Islamabad Campus. One day, at the start of his lecture he opened his bag but we did not see the laptop coming out like usual. He had, that day, brought with himself the disposal bags and gloves. I am proud to say that he did not start with the typical promises and advices but he gathered the students and collected with them the garbage from the most littered spots of the university and that activity continued throughout the semester during break timings. Most must have mended their habits and started using the trash-cans because today, those dirty areas are no longer much of a dump.

This is what we need besides awareness and depleting the infection of should-syndrome. Let us take home to dispose the wrappers, cigarette butts, any trash if you don’t see a waste-inn. Please, I request you to be an example so the people around you and your children learn and copy your act-of-kindness towards the Earth that was not given to us ugly. Let’s stop feeding the garbage monster and do kill it before it devours our Earth and know that no superman exists outside the movies who would rescue you; only you can be your own and your earth’s savior!

This Article is Written by “Ghalia Akram” Senior Author At Envirocivil.com

Originally published by www.envirocivil.com

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