Reasons to Buy a Hybrid or Electric Car

reasons to buy hybrid car

Everyone knows it’s smarter to drive a fuel-efficient car. If you or someone you know still needs a little push, you’ve come to the right place. Non-hybrid drivers will try to justify why a hybrid car is a pointless investment. “You don’t don’t save that much on fuel,” or “They are more expensive than other vehicles in their class” are common arguments against hybrids. The truth is, hybrids help the environment, use less fuel and, as they progress technology and safety features, they will continue to improve.

It’s Hip to Be Green

Hybrids will make you cool. Not much is trendier than environmental activism.

They’re Just Like Any Other Car

Besides the engine, hybrid and electric cars feel like any other car. Hybrid engines with stop-smart technology can take some time to get used to, as the engine turns off when you stop and kicks back on when you push the break, but that’s it. New hybrids and electric cars offer many of the same standard technology features of others in their class and receive average and sometimes even above average reliability and safety scores.

They’re Not All Super Expensive

Hybrids can be a bit more expensive than other models in their class, but have more long-term benefits. Some argue that the amount of money saved on fuel makes up for the $1,000-$3,000 price difference. But, with the popularity of hybrids on the rise, prices are leveling out to market standards. According to the Honda Insight is one of the cheapest options for hybrid vehicles with a start price of $18,600.

There are Cars for Every Lifestyle

The Toyota Highlander and Lexus RX are large hybrid SUVs, the midsize Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Sedan both seat five while the Nissan Leaf is compact, perfect for the city. These days, there is a larger selection of vehicle models and types available with hybrid or electric engines. This means you don’t have to sacrifice any aspect of your lifestyle with the purchase of a fuel-efficient vehicle.

They Save Money On Gas

The less fuel you use, the more money you save. Some models get up to 40 and 50 mpg, vehicle most standard vehicles range around 20. Half the gas means half the price of gas. How can you beat that?

They Help Conserve the Environment

It’s not news that the emissions produced by regular and diesel engines are terrible for the environment. reports that the Toyota Prius produces about 55 percent less emissions than other cars in its class.
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Car Insurance Companies Like Them

Many car insurance companies such as Allstate offer drivers of hybrid vehicles discounts.

They Get to Cut Through Traffic

Some hybrid and electric models get a free ride to use the HOV lane. This varies by state and usually requires a special sticker on your car, which symbolizes that your vehicle meets the requirements.

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