Vintage Doral – A Perfect Residential Place For Nature Lovers

vintage doral estate

Doral is actually a gorgeous city situated in the north central Miami Dade country. This city is famous for its natural scenic beauty as well as architectural wonder. It is also considered as one of the major travelling destinations and Doral offers exquisiteness which is exclusive from every angle. As Doral has the perfect landscape to admire it is also a popular residential area that offers beautiful condominiums, town homes, houses etc. If one plans for having an exclusive dwelling which is not only beautiful to look at but provides all kinds of amenities then the vintage estate Doral is unbeatable. But having home is not enough; the entire community also matters a lot. Vintage Doral offers a functional community. It is secured with gate and there is no undue trespassing allowed. One can be fully satisfied with the security system and be at peace when going outside home, leaving kids or elderly people back there. There is another added facility of gated community. Children can play around without any tension of losing them or getting out on the main road. It is like a single family unit. It is posh, it is recreational, and it is affordable.

Architectural specialty that makes vintage estate unique

This Doral vintage community is a deluxe community with well accepted protection. It is a place of dream and a desire of every family to inhabit. This vintage place is comprised of approximate 120 single home families. But that does not at all make the community appear cumbersome or shabby rather there is certain artistic flavor in the architecture.  There are three distinct styles adopted by these exceptional coach home residences. One can witness Unique Italian artistry visible in the structural design, Tuscan elegance that gives immediately a European panache and again Mediterranean home décor. With such fusion, with such calculated creativity one would be mesmerized to the highest extent. This south Florida community portrays elegance with utmost functionality. From children’s playground to adult tennis court, library, what not exists, you can say everything. One would be enthralled with the beautiful Miami beach and the vast Doral landscape.  A serene feeling looming around this estate that one can’t afford to miss.

Luxuries offered in such estates

There are plenty of luxury amenities available at hand at every unit of vintage place. The elegant floor is made of porcelain, well-designed wood cabinets that bear Italian features, designer kitchenette abounds in latest home appliance, island kitchen to floor heating competence, entirely equipped gym , relaxing Jacuzzis, a fully alert guard house, recreational decent private club house, a beautiful swimming pool with spa, business community auditorium with media room, a BBQ gazebo area and varied water spouts, kid’s playground, enthralling sun deck, study areas, tennis court, golf courts, highly modernized garages, bike trails, streak of  green  patch park, men and women locker room with extreme facility of enjoying saunas and showers.

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Specialty of Doral vintage estate

Though these estates are situated almost everywhere around the globe but Doral vintage estates are of different charm and ethnicity. These domiciles are of no doubt posh in nature. With such varied amenities this community is earning fame as one of the first rate uptown areas that offer quality living.

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