Specify Your Duty Please?

Define your boundaries, specify the area you possess, list the air particles, the dust, carbon content, oxygen content , nitrogen content , water vapor , can you? Can you specify? Can you stand near the sea shores and define your area, specify that this particular area is under your control, or perhaps limit the area around you, define its boundaries this sea water wont move, can you?
Glassy view, it is not possible, It never can be possible, air and water have no boundaries, no matter how much we protect our air, remove the pollutants from our ocean but if others are polluting it no ocean no air shall remain safe in return threat to aquatic species, their habitats and other biodiversity is damaged, disturbed. So as we all share the same planet earth, the same moon, the same sun, the same soil, the same crust, and why the duties are not shared, if one is protecting it why is it that the other is destroying it, thus causing disadvantage to both the persons and in return the whole world.
Why don’t the world understand the term division of labor, it is an economic term but applies to all fields, divide your work, your task as an environment saver, protect it by doing your duty and informing others about their duties, we humans were send by ALLAH the almighty as “khalifa” so we are bound to respect our planet earth and protect it by all means. Thus we all should specify our boundaries and do not cross the limits made.

This Article is Written by  “Sidra Shahbaz Khan”  Senior Author At Envirocivil.com

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