Three Alternative Energy Sources for Everyday Use

alternative energy sources

Alternative forms of energy derived from renewable resources are becoming cheaper and more accessible with each passing year. Utilizing these forms of energy in the home has benefits which include lowering your annual utilities bill, receiving tax credits, and raising the value of your home. Exploring these possibilities also allows every homeowner to do their part in reducing the potentially harmful emissions which come with the traditional methods of producing electricity.


Installing solar panels on your home is a quickly spreading phenomenon with immediate, tangible results. The upfront investment for the installation process is quickly offset by the accumulation of monthly saving. The total savings will easily exceed the amount of the investment during the life of the home. Solar panel additions are not restricted to those that can afford a large, upfront investment. There are solar leasing companies and other forms of financing that can make this type of energy technology within the reach of practically any budget.


The use of geothermal heating and air systems are also on the rise. They are approaching the level of “standard operating procedures” on most new construction sites. The system is drastically simple while the benefits are overwhelmingly apparent. These systems are more efficient than any other form of heating and cooling system currently on the market. They work by allowing liquid to be heated underground by the natural warmth of the earth. This heated liquid is moved to the building above where fans distribute it throughout the space via duct work. Geothermal systems have proven to be extremely durable, and they require little maintenance. The average unit is rated to last anywhere from 25 to 50 years. Recent surveys of homeowners utilizing this type of system indicate a 95% satisfaction rate. Of those individuals questioned, nearly all reported that they would recommend that their friends and family install a geothermal unit.


Ensuring that you are doing your part to use renewable resources does not always involve installing new equipment in your home or on your property. Many utility companies are now providing their customers with the option to choose packages which ensure that their power is coming from a clean source such as wind-generated energy. This option eliminates the need to build any kind of turbine on the property. Companies can pool the energy coming from renewable resources before distributing it accordingly via the infrastructure in place. Enrolling in programs such as these will help to steer the future of energy consumption in the right direction.

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