What are the odds? Will you become a snorer?

Men, women, and even children snore. We can assure you that every third man and every seventh woman snores. However, despite the fact that snoring is widely spread among the population, you still should take it seriously. Maybe you just started snoring, or are afraid that one day you will become a snorer.

If you are a member of the second category, we will help you to figure out what are the chances of you becoming a snorer. On the other side, if you are a snorer already, we will explain you the causes of it. In the end, for both categories, there is a solution. Whether you are afraid that louder breathing during sleep will turn to snoring, or it already has, there is a solution.

Here are some of the most common indicators that a person can become a snorer.

  • Being overweight

Persons whose BMI is higher than 25 are likely to become snorers. Fat gathers on the critical areas all over your body. The neck is one of those critical areas. It may become bigger as you get chubbier, but the real issue happens on the inside. What you don’t see is that your throat becomes clogged with fat. After some time, you will notice that you breathe harder. People who gained much weight in a short period of time usually get tired even of some light activity.

If you have difficulties in breathing during the day, those difficulties increase at night. When you fall asleep your muscles relax. During the day, those muscles, including the throat muscles are tensed. Yet, when you go to sleep, your whole body rests. So does the muscles. That means that the muscles in your throat will ease up completely, while the fat will block the airways in a great mere. When the air doesn’t have enough space to go through, it tickles the throat and the tissue, making you snore.

  • Lack of activity

Even if you are not overweight, you should take care of the part of physical activity. It is recommendable to have a light physical activity every day. If you are not a sports person, still you can be active. Take a walk for about half an hour each day. It would be great if you would go somewhere in the mountains, or near the river. Your lungs love nature and fresh air.

On the other side, if you spend most of the time in front of a computer, a TV, or lying on your sofa, your lungs will become lazy. Without a proper occasional cleansing of the airways, you would make an “excellent” precondition for snoring.

  • Cigarettes and alcohol addiction

As you already know, cigarettes’ smoke goes through every respiratory organ. The smoke triggers inflammation and irritation. If you are a long-term smoker, then the chances of snoring are pretty high. Firstly, you will start coughing, as the irritation becomes more severe. This is a first sign of the process that is happening inside your body. Among all the side effects of smoking, becoming a snorer is almost 100% sure side-effect.

When it comes to alcohol, the story is a bit lighter. Yet, bear in mind that no addiction is good for you. If you like to have a glass now and then, it is completely okay. Scientists proved that a glass of wine is good for the heart. What you should know is that you should stay away from that glass if you are coming to bed soon. You should consume alcohol at least six hours before sleeping. Alcohol relaxes your muscles and releases tension in the throat, making the perfect conditions for snoring.

You see, leading an unhealthy lifestyle will result in snoring sooner or later. If you are a smoker already, then you are probably aware of the causes of your snoring. What you can do is to change your habits completely (which is a pretty tough task), or you can change some of them and get yourself one of the snore relief mouthpieces. This way, you can ease your problems with snoring and live healthier. It is up to you to decide, but who wouldn’t want to fix the things the easiest possible way?

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