5 Smartphone Apps for an Eco Friendly Lifestyle

smartphone apps for ecofriendly lifstyle

If you are the type of person who prefers to go green, you can do your part by downloading eco friendly apps to your smartphone. These tools will help you to feel great about yourself in ensuring that the environment is protected. Many of these are free and are available on multiple smartphone platforms’ marketplaces, including BlackBerry App World, the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Here are some excellent choices of apps you can get to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle.


#5. TheGreenApp

TheGreenApp is free and provides a wealth of information regarding ecology, renewable energy and natural resources. It is part of the Global Green sustainability platform and allows you to stay informed and to become an active participant so that you can help to make a change in doing what is right for preserving the environment. The app is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


#4. Eco Friendly Products

Eco Friendly Products is a great free app that will keep you informed of all of the latest eco-friendly products. This is an essential tool if you want to go green and shop for only environmentally friendly products that contain no animal ingredients or substances that can potentially create harm to the earth. You will also receive plenty of news and tips on your favorite eco-friendly items. View videos and reviews of products and learn about the latest eco-friendly products from around the world.


#3. iRecycle

iRecycle is free and is the best tool for locating places to recycle your old electronics gadgets, batteries and additional items. It is essentially a database that includes more than 1,500,000 ideas on how you can recycle over 350 items. You can also connect with other eco-friendly individuals socially who use the app and earn points for all of the items you recycle in the proper manner.

#2. Green Genie

Green Genie is one of the most comprehensive eco-friendly apps you can download to your smartphone. With it, you have access to a huge database of tips, programs and other important information regarding how to go green. There are pages full of helpful information regarding green methods, products and events, and you can share great links to your social networking pages or via email.

#1. Find Green

Find Green is an app that can help you to locate green businesses and resources so that you can lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. With it, you can find recycling centers near to your area and farmers markets, get information on on products and much more. The app’s database includes more than 100,000 listings.


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