5 Ways to Save on Lawn Care

The thriving season for landscaping is well underway and people all over the country are spending hours in the sun, working to get their yard looking just right. The grass seems to either require hours of watering or endless mowing, and the plants need a fair amount of attention, depending on the temperatures. Factors like the size of your lawn, the area you live in, and the natural resources your yard receives over the course of the year can determine how much it costs to keep your landscape looking great. Take a look at these five tips on how to cut back on costs without sacrificing your lawn’s well being.

Ways to Save on Lawn Care

1. Aerate your lawn.

If your lawn often suffers in the drier months of the year, you will want to aerate your lawn to save on watering costs in the future. Aerating loosens up the soil and makes it easier for rain and other water sources to soak down deep in the soil, cutting back on the amount you will have to hand water the area. Not only will this act save you money over the course of time, but it will also save a little of that precious water.

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2. Don’t mow grass short.

Although it is tempting to cut your grass to deadly short levels so you can go longer without having to mow again, it is not advised. Shorter grass actually requires more watering, as the longer the grass is, the farther down the roots can go to quench their thirst. It will also keep the grass from getting overheated and dying.

3. Buy drought tolerant plants.

Americans spend a lot more time than you would think taking care of their outdoor landscaping. It would be wise to save time and money by purchasing drought tolerant plants that require little watering, even in the hottest months. This is especially true if you live in a rather warm area that tends to kill many beautiful plants quickly.

4. Purchase perennials, not annuals.

Despite how gorgeous some of them might be, annuals are not always something you want to plant a lot of. Annuals must be replanted every year, meaning it can get just a tad pricey. By planting perennials, you not only eliminate the cost of replanting them every year, but you also cut out the time you normally would have spent planting new annuals.

5. Save on Commercial Lawn Euipment.

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