Highlights On Eco Finance And Green Initiatives Taken By Credit Card Companies

With increasing need of conserving energy and soaring fuel prices eco finance or green finance, has become the buzzword. Experts are stressing the need of clean energy. Investors and financial institutions are being urged to invest in technology which caters to the energy requirements causing minimal negative impact on the environment. The year 2010 witnessed investments in clean energy sector which broke all the previous records. This paved the way for sustainable growth. It is being predicted that the outlook on clean energy investments will gain importance and start shining. In the present context one of the Asian countries has emerged as the leader in clean energy investments and finance.
Investments towards clean energy
In the future, the growth trajectory of investments made in clean energy will largely depend on the policies which are adopted by the governments. According to recent reports, it is being predicted that investments in clean power will exceed the $2 billion mark. Investment decisions of the leading firms across the globe today depend on environmental factors and policies adopted by the governments. Green finance or eco finance is being used today to find answers to the rising demand of energy. Steps are being taken and environment-friendly technologies are being adopted to prevent depletion of non-renewable natural resources.
About green initiatives
As global warming continues to threat life on the planet green finance or eco finance initiatives aim at promoting businesses which work for the environment. Business leaders today strongly feel that capital investments today should address issues related to climate change. The green investments focus on an energy-efficient path towards sustainable growth. To save the environment you can do your own bit. You can take steps which ensure that the environment is not harmed. Credit cards have become a necessity today. When you select a credit card company, find one which engages in green behavior.
Keeping environment first
With little research, you will come across credit card companies which put environment first. Several credit card companies today are offering environment-friendly services. As a green conscious consumer, you can opt for these companies for your credit card needs. With increasing concern over saving the environment, several credit card companies are introducing rewards which are environment-friendly. As a part of credit card reward points they are offering consumers the choice of making donations to organizations which work with a green motive. With the points which you earn on the credit card you can contribute to environmental organizations.
Reducing carbon footprint
As the world tries to live green credit companies too are making necessary changes. They are taking initiatives to reduce carbon footprint which is left by computers systems. The computer systems ay the firm operate round the clock and steps are being taken today to reduce the damage and the effect which is left on the environment. Since 2008, some credit card companies, are trying to adopt biodegradable credit cards which do not harm the environment. In addition to this green credit cards have been launched by the credit card companies. This range of credit and debit cards is directly linked to environmental activities.
Green products and services
Some financial institutions are tying “green” credit cards to offset programs to bring about a change. These cards offer NGO donations which are equal to half a percentage point on cash advances, purchases and balance transfer made by the users. Apart from credit cards green mortgages too are part of green finance. These mortgages are offered for homes which abide by the standards of green energy consumption. The interest rate on these mortgages is lower by 1-2% in comparison to the market rate. In some countries residents can claim an exemption from income tax if they have a green mortgage product.
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