Injustice with Fresh Graduates in Pakistan

injustice with fresh graduates in pakistan

Pakistan being a developing country needs more professionals/skilled workers to better their position in international ranking but unfortunately we are losing our position in the list of developing countries.  In developed world senior professionals supporting and motivating their new comers in their fields by providing them proper and relevant positions to keep growing the progress and to effectively use their skilled professionals as a tools for the overall benefit of the country.

But in Pakistan the scenario is totally different. Being an independent country everyone had equal rights to access to health, education etc and to earn through their work and to perform their role in overall progress and development but our system does not follow this rule. I think our recruiting system is itself a legal stumbling block in the path of new comers to join their seniors and to use their skills effectively. There are few organizations whose are advertising vacancies for fresh graduates but others  don’t consider the fact that experience comes after working and if all organizations and departments  don’t need fresh graduates than from where these graduates get experience!

The biggest injustice with fresh graduates is that if a vacancy has been announced that requires a professional with 3 years of experience so a person having 2 years of experience is not eligible but a person having 5 years of experience can fill this vacancy so the question raised here is if a less experience person can’t be eligible for a vacancy then how a more senior person fills it and why? A senior person should be eligible if he/ she had the same experience otherwise they are actually taking away the rights of others who had exactly 2 years of experience. Justice is that “only a person having the exact experience should be considered and the person who had more experience should wait for the position of more experience”. So in this case the deserving candidates will occupy their relevant positions and if the trends remains like now so experienced candidates will get more and more experienced after time and the fresh ones will remains fresh after many years of completion of their degrees.

It means the justice is only for fresh graduates! This is the main cause of changing our valuable professionals to solid wastes and due to this fact our precious human resources are using in other countries and  we are going down and down in the list of developing countries. Justice in any country defines the destiny of that country but when the interest of skilled workers get ended and their attitudes are downs and their trust on educational and professional set up broken down then the sun of hope will no longer to shine and these hopeless professionals are either became the part of growing machinery of other countries or they became a symbol of discourage for other growing professionals and the overall system will be affected in long run.

Like other  fields of our country our human resource managing system is also in the hands of some big fishes and they are rapidly destroying and wasting the precious knowledge and talent of our new fresh graduates and then are talking about hiring professionals from developed countries. So the question is raised that if we really needs development through hiring experts from other countries than why we are not using our own human resources and making them an asset through trainings, motivation for long term and self sufficient evergreen and sustainable growth.

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