Benefits of Green Tea for Your Wellness

health benefits of green tea

There has been a lot of major media coverage lately concerning green tea health benefits. Most green tea lovers might have developed their views about green tea around because of their own personal experiences. The Chinese people started drinking green tea thousands of years ago because it helped them work longer.   They discovered many side benefits such as green tea does a great job with minor headaches and also prevents cancer.   Today, health studies continue to show more and more benefits of green tea.  So what are the green tea benefits which can help your own life?  Below are four green tea benefits which will improve your live for the better.

Cancer Prevention

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants which will help get rid of free radicals.  Free radicals cause both cancer and aging.  The antioxidant, polyphenols searches inside your body for free radicals plus prevents the formation of oxidation.  Oxidation will damage healthy cells and in many studies have been the causation of strokes, heart disease and cancer.  The antioxidant properties of green tea will prevent new abnormal cells from growing and therefore halt inflammation, and make it much more difficult for the formation of cancer.

Weight Loss

Green tea has an incredibly high concentration of substance called polyphenols which helps oxidize fat and aids thermogenesis in the human body.Thermogenesis is the rate at which the human body burns calories.  Green tea raises energy levels and also metabolism so the body will burn more calories and fat.  Green tea is great as a breakfast drink because it has fewer calories than other morning beverages such as coffee.   Drinking green tea, rather than coffee will both make you feel better and keep you slimmer.

Beautiful Teeth

Many people may not know this, but fluoride is naturally in green tea.  Fluoride has been in Americans toothpaste for decades because of the benefit of preventing plaque and tartar buildup.  Fluoride also makes your teeth feel clean and fresh.  Many other drinks are caustic to your oral health.  Coffee will stain your teeth and many juices such as orange are very acidic which is bad for gum and tooth health. This definitely can’t be said for green tea.  By drinking green tea, you will improve your oral health and have a nicer smile.

Low Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a chronic problem which is extremely difficult to deal with and can cause blood clotting and heart attacks.   Green tea can help with this problem as well by lowering the bad cholesterol or LDL.    If there is a buildup of LDL cholesterol it prevents blood from flowing easily inside the liver and creates deposits on the arteries.  A substance in green tea, catechins decreases the LDL and prevents clotting.  The catechins also increase good cholesterol which is known as HDL.  By increasing the HDL and decreasing the LDL it will improve overall health.

If cancer prevention, weight loss, beautiful white teeth and cholesterol reducing doesn’t tell you that green tea is an awesome natural cure to many ailments then you have your head stuck in the sand.  A few cups of green tea in addition with your regular daily beverage intake will sustainably reduce the risk of getting sick.  The one minor negative with green tea is it has a good amount of caffeine.  This can be dealt with by taking green tea extract instead of drinking it.  There are many green tea supplements on the market which have very little to no caffeine and have all the benefits of drinking the tea.  For your health today, please start with a daily green tea regimen.

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