4 Simple Ideas to Save Energy At Home

Save Energy At Home

There are many ways to lower energy usage in your home. In fact, these are simple things that you might not even notice after you start doing them. Four major things that will save energy and money are to: control the temperature better, turn things off that are not in use, taking control of your water heater, and insulating your house better.

Control Temperature

There are many ways to control the indoor temperature of your house in a better way. When the air conditioning is on, make sure all the doors and windows are closed so you don’t waste energy. Another thing you could do is to not heat rooms that are not in use, such as a spare guest bedroom. Make sure your air conditioner is set to “auto” and not “on”. If it is switched in the “on” position, the air conditioner will constantly be running when it doesn’t necessarily need to be, thus wasting more energy.

Flip The Power Switch

A major idea that you might hear all the time is to turn things off that you are not currently using. This is completely true, and it can save a ton of energy. Just simply turning a light off when you leave a room is enough. When you are not using appliances such as the coffee maker or microwave, just unplug them. Anything that is plugged in is using energy, even when it is turned off. You can probably save up to $100 every single year just by turning on the automatic sleep setting on your computer. Even though some people believe the contrary, the screen saver uses plenty of energy.

Control Your Water Heater

In order to use energy better when it comes to your water heater, there are many things you can do. Always wash your clothes in cold water; you will save about 50 cents per load. Also, don’t wash anything until you have a full load. This can help save energy. If you don’t have a full load, you can use the eco friendly setting on your washer by changing the amount of water that is used. Taking shorter showers is another option. This can significantly cut hot water costs as well.

Insulate Your House

Insulation is another option when it comes to saving energy. Checking for drafts is another energy saver. When you find them, just cover them up. Carpeting and rugs also help with retaining heat in the house.

If you keep these four main things in mind, it can really help in the long run with energy savings. Please check out Vivint’s Facebook and Vivint’s Twitter for more information.

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