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solar energy

Solar energy systems have very little impact on the environment, making them one of the cleanest power-generating technologies available today. While they are converting the sun’s rays into electricity or hot fluids, they produce no air pollution, hazardous waste, or noise.


Solar hot water systems reduce, or can completely eliminate, the amount of electricity you have to purchase from your utility or electric service provider to power your home.


Solar heating is a proven technology – widely used throughout the world. Up to 80% of your water heating needs sourced directly from the Sun and offer free maintenance. Solar radiation is a free, clean and inexhaustible source of energy. In a split second the sun radiates more energy than was converted and stored by plants in fossil fuel over millions of years. In China over 15 Million square meter of vacuum tube collectors are installed annually.


Our company introducing first time in Pakistan a brand “Solar Geyser” and patented new techniques, designs and production methods that have helped to shape the solar thermal market. In the Pakistan solar market we are only the company to hire Chinese experts and invest into costly quality control equipments. Our goal is to use the benefits of what is inexpensive in Pakistan and to produce with European equipment and technology. Modern technologies providing a range of world-class and highly cost-effective solar water heating solutions that deliver major cuts in energy use & greenhouse emissions! Think of the alternatives achieved with all the energy savings.


Energy from solar panels is sustainable and renewable, unlike our current major sources of energy. You may feel pocket shock upon installation of your solar energy system, but after the initial shock, solar energy can save you money, this is Self-Sufficient and Low Maintenance. Using solar power helps reduce our energy reliance on fossil fuels. It will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases – a major contributor to global climate change.

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