Advantages and Requirements of Blood Donation

blood donation requirements

It was month of May and as usual I was online on face book.  Just visiting the page, an announcement went in front of my eyes. It is the announcement that a patient needs blood. I decided to donate my blood for the life of other.  Next morning, I went to hospital to donated blood. Do you know what I feel after blood donation? Imagine…… After blood donating, believe me I felt true happiness and blessed one. I didn’t feel such happiness before this. I was internally satisfied and I didn’t feel any weakness.

Every year, 14 June is dedicated to blood and celebrated as “World Blood Donor Day” The theme of this year by World Health Organization (W.H.O) is “Give the Gift of Life: Donate Blood”. The purpose to celebrate this day is to raise awareness about blood donation, safe blood transfusion and to say thanks to all volunteer who donate blood. According to World Health Organization (W.H.O), ever year there are 107 millions blood donations in world.

Requirements of Blood Donation

Following are the conditions by which you are eligible for blood donation.

1.    Your weight is more than 50 kg or 110 pounds.

2.    You are more than 17 years.

3.    You are having normal blood pressure 120/80 mm Hg at the time of donation. Remember, if you are using medicine to control your high blood pressure, you are disqualify from donation.

4.    If you are feeling good on donation day, you can donate.

5.    Your hemoglobin level is more than 12 and 13 g/dL in case of female and male respectively.

6.    Before donation, if you have eaten energetic food or meal before four hours of donation.

7.    You are not suffering from any infectious diseases, cancer and HIV AIDS free.

8.    At the time of donation, you are not suffering from cold flue etc.

9.    You are not the user of vitamins.

10.  In past, you did not have any type of serious surgery.

In What Conditions You Cannot Donate Blood?

The conditions by having which you cannot donate blood are as follow:

1.    If you are regular use of multi vitamin.

2.    Having high blood pressure.

3.    Pregnant and lactating women

4.    Suffering from systematic diseases like heart attacks.

5.    If you are anemic.

6.    Suffering from infectious diseases like hepatitis.

7.    If u are patient of cancer or having HIV AIDS.

Advantages of Blood Donation

Here are some advantages of blood donation.

1.    By donating blood, your cardiovascular health improves.  It reduces the level of iron in blood as increased amount of iron in blood causing heart diseases

2.    It enhances the production of new blood cells in blood.

3.    It reduces cancer risk

4.    And one the major advantage of blood donation is, donor will have free blood screening and  mini blood test

At the end, Just I would like convey a little message if you want to give a precious gift to people, just donate blood.

(This article is dedicated to Cadet Patient to whom I donated blood)

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