Garlic, Helps In Achieving Your Health Goals

For most of us garlic is simply a spice. We consider it a taste enhancer for the continental dishes that are common in the region of Asia. Today you’ll be amazed to know the fact that one feeble grocery item could render wonders for your personal health. Here, we are talking about various diversified health benefits that could be derived from garlic.

Garlic, as an antioxidant

One of the recent scientific investigation carried out in Washington State University shows that garlic has the affinity to fight with certain type of viruses. This power lies in garlic therefore we always love to enjoy garlic soup in winter season when we are more vulnerable to the attack of viruses causing flue and cold. It is found that surprisingly garlic’s detoxifying power is 100 percent higher that two most effective antibiotic drugs. Researchers revealed that this virus’s halting ability of a garlic is because of a chemical Allicin that is present in it.

Other Health Benefits

Garlic could serve as a remedy to high cholesterol level in our blood and it significantly regulates the blood pressure. The garlic will become even more effective when its cloves are crushed. Garlic could also serve as a natural healer for various digestive ailments. Apart from this garlic appear to be the best way to prevent cancer also. Helen Bond, who is a consultant dietitian in Derbyshire- revealed that scientist has found vivid evidences about the affinity of garlic to nurture our immune system. Expert pharmacologists of the University of California revealed after their sheer investigations that the Allicin component found in garlic makes it effective for people having problem of bad breath.Garlic is beneficial as it increase boob size by reducing inflammation.

Brazilian dentists also found that crushed garlic cloves if blended with warm, cozy water, it could serve as a tonic for decayed tooth and it even soothes down the aching gums. Garlic could offer a great favor to the diabetic patients because it releases a special type of insulin that regulates blood sugar level. One of the research conducted in South Carolina endorsed the fact that the effectiveness of garlic cloves is enhanced if it is baked or left open in the air for 10 to 12 minutes. After finding out the significance of garlic for treating various ailments, another thought provoking question arises here that how garlic works as an effective antioxidant?

How It acts as an Antioxidant

Various studies throw light over this topic and it was found that garlic contains Sulfenic acid. The reactivity of this compound makes it a good antioxidant. Sulfenic acid had the affinity to react with the radicals of any toxin therefore neutralizes the toxin.

Anti Fungal Properties

Garlic could serve as a remedy for fungal infections. This is because it contains a substance Ajoene, that is effective against fungal infections.

Garlic as a Mosquito repellent

Apart from all the health benefits garlic cloves offer a natural way to keep nasty mosquitoes away. Allicin is that wonder substance that is responsible for this great contribution a garlic could offer. It makes garlic a good mosquito repellant. Preferably garlic could help you to keep your kitchen a hygienic place.

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