Effects of Chocolate on Human Health

chocolates effects human

Did your mouth just get choco-lusciously sweet, watering and tantalizing taste-buds intensely craving for a bite right now? Did it just remodel the pleasurable image of someone treating you with chocolate or even trying to win your heart? Or on the converse, it invoked the harsh rebukes of your mom on you eating every existing flavor even with rotten teeth? Infinitely more than all of this must have happened to countless. Well, hit the refresh button in your head and come back to know the surprising reasons associated with it.


Since ages, chocolate has been a part of innumerable amount of research, books, novels, movies and celebrities have been going crazy giving their impressions about how they indeed feel about this irresistibly delightful confection. Even the western holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter is never complete without it.


The underlying mysteries are now going to be unveiled here, making obvious the reasons of the power and position that this brown cocoa captivates throughout the globe.


A recent research reveals that the melting of chocolate in one’s mouth increases heart-rate and brain activity and the effects last four times than that of any pleasurable passionate activity you can possibly imagine. This report was highlighted by BBC. So, students and stressed-out workers, just take a 5 minute break, grab your favorite cocoa bar, shut your eyes while leaning and just let the flavor sync with your brain and heart. When done with this activity, imagine how much more proactively you can work at this later moment.


As proposed by American Heart Association: “Dark chocolate supports coronary vascular function… These Immediate beneficial effects were paralleled by a significant reduction in oxidative stress.”


Another research-based news broadcasted by BBC illustrates that eating chocolate can prevent tooth-decay. Hey kids now you can show your mom this authentic news so you may no longer be reprimanded on stealing chocolate from your refrigerator.


Parents too should now be letting their children have chocolate and to top it up, they too can enjoy the confection even if being faced by obesity problems. Sure I understand the element of surprise here but truly, dark chocolate can help you reduce weight. Since chocolate accelerates the production of serotonin, which is an active ingredient in human brain to control emotions and appetite, it makes the person feel full well before the stomach bulges out. Therefore healthy dark chocolate proves to be an endowed ingredient to keep your cravings balanced and weighing-machine happier. But beware of that sugary milk chocolate that could sky-rocket your level of obesity. Nevertheless, dark chocolate is found delicious too.


Children and adults can now proudly face their no-more-guilty confessions about chocolate but what about the elderly who still at times want to snatch a bite from their grandchildren? Researches show that chocolate increases Cognitive ability in the elderly people. It might cause Osteoporosis but research is still being made to support the evidence.


To mention a few, reduction in cholesterol level, heart diseases blood-pressure and risk of cardiovascular problems are some of the great pleasures this consuming passion piggybacks with it. On that account, your sweet tooth will no longer be exasperated. Putting on the lid here by quoting Catherine Aitken “Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t need an appointment.”

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