How Jimmy Kimmel Inspired Millions With His Dramatic Weight Loss?

jimmy kimmel weight loss

When it comes to celebrity weight loss, there are some examples that have left fans awestruck. The recent addition to such celebrities that have startled their fans with their incredible weight loss is Jimmy Kimmel. One of the beloved American television hosts, Jimmy Kimmel, started his career as the counterpart on Win Ben Stein’s Money, and later on bringing his talk show in 2003, Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

Since his show went viral and became a much-loved talk show on American television, Jimmy Kimmel has been a famous face among the audience. Recently, Jimmy is in the limelight for his dramatic weight loss. The journey of Jimmy Kimmel weight loss started when he realized that he has to take charge of his growing weight. Since that decision, Jimmy began to paying attention to his health and initially followed a diet of 2000 calories a day. Such a deficit in the diet made slight changes in his 208 pounds weight. 

5:2 Diet

The significant changes started to occur when Jimmy discovered the 5:2 diet. It is a form of dieting where a person eats only 25% of the recommended calorie requirements. Jimmy has to schedule two fasting days and normally eat the other five days. 

Some people take a 5:2 diet on an extreme level by consuming zero calories on fasting days, while others restrict their non-fasting days by sticking to a keto diet. 

Jimmy also expressed that following a 5:2 diet is not for everyone. It is one of the rigorous diet plans that requires patience and persistence to get the right results. 5:2 diet came into limelight when Jimmy decided to give up on his love for food and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The reason why Jimmy followed a 5:2 diet is that the TV host was able to enjoy his favorite food during the five days without any restrictions. 

On Monday and Tuesday, he usually drank coffee, ate egg whites, apples, peanut butter, and oatmeal. The diet generally restricted to 500 calories a day for two days and eat as much as needed for the rest of the days. Jimmy also expressed that he got the idea of a 5:2 diet through a BBC documentary about an Indian man around 138 years old who revealed that his secret was restricting calorie intake. The American TV host also added that while people have Daniel Crag and Hugh Jackman pictures up for inspiration, he has Gandhi. 

Exercise? Never

When we think about weight loss, it is always diet with necessary exercise to get the results. But would you believe the drastic transformation of Jimmy Kimmel has zero contribution of exercise in it? Jimmy hates the idea of exercising, the only physical activity he loves to engage in masturbating, the TV host added humorously. Though his fitness freak wife would train him often, no exercising regime was permanent for Jimmy. 

Jimmy Kimmel’s weight loss has inspired many. Whether it is a 5:2 diet that is quite easy to follow if you have got the hang of balancing your diet or following a no exercise regime, Jimmy has inspired many to accelerate their weight loss journey. 

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