How to Stay Healthy and Avoid Getting Sick during the Winter

stay healthy during winter

Many contagious illnesses are at their peak during the winter. Fortunately, protecting your body and building up your immune system is possible to some extent. Cold weather, stress, poor eating habits and other conditions can make you prone to getting sick, but taking good care of yourself as winter approaches and throughout the season can help you stay healthy. Protecting yourself against the elements, building up your immune system and working to acquire or maintain peak health can help you fight of germs and stay well this winter.

Regulate Your Temperature

An obvious reason that winter is a time when many people are prone to illness is the seasonal temperature change and then the frequent cold weather. To keep your body at a consistent temperature, stay warm but do not overheat by wearing layers. By layering you can keep warm at the bus stop but remove some layers so you don’t overheat on the bus. Similarly, if you get cold at work, you can put on a light layer like a sweater but not overheat under your heavy winter coat.

Stay Hydrated and Breath Freely

Drinking plenty of fluids can help your body fight off cold and flu germs by boosting your immune system. Humidifiers can keep the air moist and help your body release phlegm. Curbside Air purifiers keep allergens and other pollutants out of the air, ensuring that you can breathe freely and that your immune system is not busy fighting allergies when you need it to be fighting germs.

Eat Right, Exercise Regularly and Sleep Well

Proper nutrition, physical fitness and being well-rested all boost the immune system. Many people have a busy winter work schedule, and activity levels often plummet during winter because fewer people engage in regular outdoor activities during this time. There are always temptations to eat fast food, sit still instead of working out or stay up too late but resisting those temptations is more important than ever during the winter months. Your health could depend on it, so if you want to avoid getting sick, ensure that you are getting proper nutrition, staying active and engaging in good sleep habits this winter.

Stay Away from Sick People and Keep Hands and Common Areas Clean

Finally, stay away from people who are visibly ill and possibly contagious. Wash your hands often to kill germs on them before you touch your face or mouth and become sick. Keeping common areas clean at work and at home can also help prevent the spread of germs.

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