Stay Mentally And Physically Fit During Winter

ways to keep yourself fit

The winter is coming! Oh, how I was looking forward hearing to those few words when I was a kid. It meant countless hours of fun in the snow with my friends or, sometimes, just sitting at the window, watching a beautiful white cover decorate the streets and houses of our town.

When you are a kid, you appreciate little things. But as we grow older, we begin to lose sight of those little things that gave us so much joy, and focus on “something more important.” Things like our job, money, unpaid bills; or simply staying inside and keeping ourselves warm.

And often, those cold days spent indoors will cause a winter blues, a drop in energy and an overall feeling of fatigue. Luckily, we have the power to change all that! Working out and staying healthy is one of the most rewarding and beneficial things you can do for your physical and mental fitness.

The following tips will address just that, ways you can keep yourself fit and drive away all the negative energy winter might have brought upon you.


Keep Your Feet Warm. A recent study has shown that if you keep your feet warm you will reduce the risk of an infection by a whopping 67 percent. This is one of those facts that makes you think “Is it really that easy?” and I can tell you that often it is. Many years ago a wise man said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step,” so no matter how great your goals are (in this case a healthier life), you must start with the little things.


Wake Up To Music. As harmless as it may sound, waking up to music may be very beneficial. Just think about the feeling of waking up to your favorite song every day, instead of that dreadful alarm clock. It will instantly boost your mood and get you ready for the upcoming challenges. I would advise using this tip in combination with the next one I am about to share.


Do Morning Exercises. I know you heard it before, you may even be sick of hearing it, but let me ask you this- Did you ever try it? Many people will say that they could never get themselves to work out early in the morning or make up excuses about not having the time, but I say “Just try!” Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you planned and do some basic stretching and a bit of cardio, you will feel so much better, I guarantee.


Try Adopting A Winter Sport. Step out of your comfort zone and try snowboard or ice skating. They are both great activities that will keep your spirit up, in addition to boosting your metabolism and maybe trim a few pounds.


New Year`s Resolution Time. The year is coming to an end and we start making plans for the new one, and here is where a lot of people make mistakes. Why not, instead on focusing on your future decisions, look back and think about what you did in 2012. It is important not to focus on the negatives, always try to look for good decisions you made so you can build upon them in the following years. Use the time wisely because all your future dreams need is a good foundation.


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