Tips and Ideas for Eco-friendly Construction

eco friendly construction

Eco-friendly construction is a growing trend as it protects the environment and also provides your home or office with fresh air and energy saving options. Green construction reduces your usage of water and electricity and helps you save money. The green colour has a soothing impact on your eyes as well.

Tips to Follow for Green Construction

Here are some suggestions for constructing your home or office in an eco-friendly way.

Using solar energy: Use of solar energy is a common practice by homeowners. They adore the roof of their homes with solar energy panels. These panels not only reduce their cost of electricity but also have a positive effect on the environment.
Bamboo and cork flooring: Both bamboo and cork are durable and long-lasting. So, they are popularly used for constructing floors in an environment-friendly way. Bamboo and cork flooring are good options for allergy sufferers also.
Eco-friendly windows and doors: Have your doors and windows built with recycled materials such as cardboard, plastic or wood. Such materials can actually help in low air infiltration and solar heat gain so as to keep your house warm.
Water-recycling units: Water-recycling is an important component of a green building. You can simply install water-recycling units to ensure that water in your home isn’t wasted. This not only prevents extra use of water but also reduces your water bill.
Have an eco-friendly lawn: If you wish to have an environment-friendly lawn, you should ensure that the ground cover comprises native plants and not grass seeds. Use native wildflowers and plants which require less water for their growth. Make sure these plants don’t need much fertilizer. This will minimize your cost as well as reduce the amount of chemicals released by the fertilizers into the environment.
Proper insulation: You can create a reflective barrier against the inside of your roof or walls for effective installation. This will not consume much of your time and you can have it done at a low cost.
Replace worn-out appliances: When your home appliances wear out, do some smart shopping and have them replaced with efficient ones. The size of the appliance and the way you install it matter a lot if you want to save energy. For example, if you purchase a large air-conditioner, it may not remove humidity sufficiently and will actually result in wastage of energy.

On the other hand, if it’s a small air-conditioner, it may not cool your rooms adequately. This will again result in energy wastage without giving you any benefits.

If you want a green home or office, you have to evaluate your requirements and know about the options that can work best for you. Just make sure you strike a balance between your affordability and the product or procedures that can give you the maximum benefit.

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