How You Can Be Environmentally Friendly At Home

environment friendly at home

When you think about an environmentally friendly modern house, many people tend to think of an eye sore, with overgrown compost heaps in the garden and plain white interiors that have no personality.

Well, think again.With many people are seeing the need to be more environmentally friendly within their homes and therefore there has been some great rustic alternatives to the over modern eco-home stereotypes that puts many people off becoming an eco-house.

How To Be Environmentally Friendly At Home

Indoor herb gardens

This is great for those who do not have a garden.Many people feel like they are restricted if they do not have a garden and therefore feel like they can not contribute to being green.By adopting an indoor herb garden, you can add a bit of rustic charm to your kitchen or sun room by having an indoor herb garden.

You can make boxes out of restored or recycled wood and buy some recycled compost (sometimes this is even given away for free) and then buy some seeds from the garden centre.This way, you can grow your own herbs and even some vegetables if you make a box that is deep enough.

Ditch the paper

Lots of paper is wasted every year from homes which in turn damages the environment, as paper is of course made from trees.Use alternatives to paper around the home.If you are like many, you most likely leave little reminders around the house with paper, like to do lists or shopping lists.

Why not instead purchase a chalkboard in which you can just rub out the writing upon the board and reuse it, instead of writing on a piece of paper and disposing of it when it is full up.

There are loads of vintage white boards available at furniture stores such as

 Use eco friendly lighting

When most people think about eco-friendly lighting, all they think about is the bulb itself.Just like ordinary lighting, no one need to know that it was an eco-friendly bulb that is powering the light, this means you can still be as stylish as before.Although, lamp shades are quite dated, why not opt for spotlights instead to light your home?They offer a modern and stylish alternative that brings your home bang up to date with interior design, even if it is an old house, yet still is a lighting solution that is friendly to the environment.

An eco-friendly specialised lighting consultant like will be able to advise you more on this.

Turn the thermostat down

Even by turning down your thermostat down by one degree you can save a lot of energy.There are loads of things you can do around your home to prevent the temperature dropping.One way that heat escapes and the cold gets in through the bottom of doors where there may be a gap.

You can purchase draught excluder’s which can add a personal touch to your home and it prevents the cold from getting into your home, therefore you will not have to turn up the thermostat in your home.

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