Drive Green To Help In Reducing Global Warming

green driving

Global warming is in limelight nowadays and everyone is talking about adopting “green methods of living” to reduce the impacts of the climate change and save our planet. One of the most important aspects that contribute towards the environmental pollution and thus global warming is the emissions from different sources of transportation like vehicles, trains and aircrafts. Therefore, if you want to help your planet get greener and cleaner, you have to adopt “green driving” to reduce your environmental footprint in no time.

Best Green Driving Tips:

Green driving is not a headache and you just need to develop few simple habits to get used to it.

  • Buy Fuel Efficient Cars:

The green driving has become effortless with the latest developments in the auto industry and mane leading manufacturers are releasing models that are not only fuel efficient but also hybrid that is they can run on fuels other than oil and gas such as solar energy or electricity.

  • Alter your Driving Habits:

Secondly, you need to change your long lasting driving habits. For instance, avoiding quick starts and hard breaking means you are reducing fuel consumption considerably in addition with preventing wear and tear of your vehicle. In this regard, it is better for you to limit yourself to 60 mph even if you are on the highway.

  • Ensure Proper Vehicle Maintenance:

There is no hard and fast rule behind the fact that if your car is well maintained and in good shape; it will run more efficiently consuming less amount of fuel. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to change the oil and replace the old clogged air filters according to the time frame mentioned in the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

  • Idle Engine is Costly:

If your car have to be idle for more than 1 minute, it is better to switch of your engine. Remember that you receive zero miles per hour when your engine is idle and still you are wasting some considerable quantity of fuel in addition to adding with environmental pollution.

  • Use Cruise Control:

Using techniques like cruise control on every 100000 miles driven per year can help you to save as many as 60 gallons of fuels and a huge amount of money. This means that you are helping the earth to stay greener and making full use of your vehicle at the same time.

  • Check Your Tires:

You need to take proper care of your tires and replace them when you deem necessary. In fact, flattened and misaligned tires can greatly reduce your mileage making you to consume more fuel. Therefore, if you are using summer tire, get them replaced with more appropriate one with the turn of the season.

  • Plan in Advance:

The engine of any vehicle runs more effectively and efficiently when it is warm. Hence, you need to plan ahead when you take the driving seat and try to run all your errands in the singe trip to reduce fuel consumption and save some money as well.

  • Open your Vehicle to Fresh Air:

It is important for you to open the windows of your car often to fresh quite often instead of cracking the air conditioner all the time. However, it is advisable to use air conditioner at higher speed to avoid aerodynamic drag.


Above mentioned are some of the tips that will help you to be “greener” while driving as it will not only help you to save some money but will also enable you to make this planet a better and livelier place to live.

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