Global Warming Solutions

global warming solutions

Where the advancement in technology has helped us to make our lives easier, it also made clear that all the convenience we enjoy doesn’t come for free. Nowadays, almost everyone has a basic idea about what Global Warming is and how badly it can affect us and by that we mean all the living things (not just humans) and the earth as well. This is the reason many people chose to go green and stopped using those things or technologies which harmed the environment. It can also be seen on an international scale as how the governments of different countries try to solve this problem.

Nevertheless, it seems like the issue is not being taken quite seriously by the whole world. Therefore, those people who would like to play their part in getting rid of this issue will find five pretty effective global warming solutions in this article.

Five pretty effective global warming solutions:

1.      Cars… Are they Necessary?

The simple answers would be, yes they are necessary because cars help us to reach different places pretty quickly and comfortably. However, the question actually refers to unnecessary use of cars. If you cover the short distances on foot, use public transport (mostly) and don’t get one car for each family member not only will you save money but also quite less fuel will be burned which otherwise would contribute to the already growing problem of global warming. You can also go for energy efficient cars which don’t use the traditional fuel if you can’t stop using car.

2.      Trees are Awesome!

Well, who doesn’t really like the beauty of trees? Planting trees has been proven by far one of the most effective solutions of global warming. Therefore, try to plant trees in your backyard or volunteer with any non-profit organization to plant trees in your city to make it less prone to global warming. We all know that trees are our friends on earth; they’ll suck up the harmful CO2 and provide us with fresh and much needed oxygen. It is also proven that the areas with trees have less temperature as compared to those areas which don’t have many trees. Not to mention that trees can also beautify your house or city.

3.      Plastic Bags are No Good!

Actually, they are good for carrying groceries or any other stuff but as far as environment is considered those plastic bags don’t do any good. The reason is that they can’t be easily disposed of or in other words made ‘disappear’, thus they clog the waterlines and make the streets untidy. Moreover, the only effective way to get rid of plastic bags is to burn them; however that emits toxic fumes so it doesn’t seem to be very convenient either. So what you should do? Stop using them altogether! Try to use bags made of paper or reusable cloth. They are easy to dispose of and might not be very expensive either.

4.      Recycling Works!

In the last decade recycling has been appreciated by many different people and organizations around the world because it is also very effective solution for global warming. How does it help? Recycling reduces the overall wastage which is certainly very harmful for our environment. Things like papers or newspapers, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass can be easily recycled. This is not it, now you can also get recycled things like mobile phones, laptops, PC tablets and so on. Some manufactures even encourage the practice by giving discount should you choose to recycle your old gadget.

5.      Spread the Word!

Although if you play your role that is really great, but it might not be just enough. Therefore, you should try to educate other people, especially kids who are still young and learning new things every day. If kids understand the importance of such solutions at an early age they will become used to practices which doesn’t do any harm to the environment. Try to convince your neighbors, friends, family and colleagues by explaining them that it is our duty to take care of our environment.

These are only few of many other global warming solutions, but for starters it will do the job. Once, you start implementing them in everyday life move on to next ones but never leave the fifth step and keep pushing.

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