Car Accident Tips : Be Safe

car accident

What should you need to do when you meet with a car accident?In this article, am going to share the practical tips that will help you in completion of your insurance claim after when a car accident happens.

Safety is necessary

First you need to make sure that no one is injured. If someone got injured then call rescue and report them injuries.If serious damage or injuries happened then moving your vehicle is not good, until the police reaches at the car accident spot. This well help police to investigate easily that which person has caused this accident. If you got injured then make sure that you are out of car otherwise if not serious injury is caused then you have to sit in car with your seat belt.

Calling the police

On the car accident spot, never allow anybody to convince you.Get the number of police and report them about the accident. At some cities Police might not respond immediately unless some serious damage or injury is done. If police is unable to respond, you need to report about the accident in local police station as soon as possible.

Exchange the information

Collect the all information like each driver’s name, address, phone number etc. Note down the description about the vehicle like model, look, color, looking damage etc.

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Locating the witness

Also make sure that you have collected the local witnesses on the car accident sport which saw the accident live with their eyes.Note down their names, address and phone number. Ask them what they have seen on the accident spot and give a statement to the police offer.If they are hurry, then get their contact number so that they can be helpful after that for you.

Taking Photographs

Another good idea is to take out the photographs of the vehicles that got damaged in the car accident.Make sure in collecting the car plate number along with the photo. Also take the photographs of other people if possible, this can be effective for you as well.

Don’t discuss fault

After when the car accident happen, never try to admit the fault either it was done by police or driver etc. Directly explain to the police officer what happened and let the insurance companies, police and investigation team to better know which side has caused the accident.

Making Personal record

As soon as the accident happens, after that make sure that you have collect the whole information and record about the other conditions like weather etc.This can help you to claim a file with your insurance company. According to the point of attorney it is also effective.

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