Eco Friendly Homes Benefits

Eco Friendly Homes

Due to rapid changes in our environment and climate changes, many people around the world are now understanding the eco friendly homes benefits. A recent example is snow falling in Egypt, now that didn’t happen for at-least century and it’s definitely global warming’s result. As a result, many people are quickly adapting to ‘green’ lifestyle according to their budgets.  However, there are still many people who are not aware of the benefits they will have if they live in eco friendly homes. This article would discuss some of the major advantages you’ll have due to eco friendly homes.

Benefits Of Eco Friendly Homes

Lower Utility Bills

One of the major expense of almost every other household are the utility bills that can take a quite a share of your hard earned money whether they are electricity or water bills – you have to pay them, right? Moreover, even with normal usage now these utilities have become a bit too expensive. Green homes are made after a careful study of the site (of construction) and how the natural resources can be utilized in a best manner. This could results in a home design that employs products that would save energy (on heating and cooling) and water, thus you’ll get lower bills.

Better Indoor Air Quality

The construction materials used for eco-friendly homes are also environment friendly. Some the common materials are harvested plantation lumber, hemp, recycled timber, straw, mud and non-volatile paints. Most of the regular homes are constructed with materials that emit toxic gases like VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) and formaldehyde even when the construction is finished which can pollute the air in the home and lower down the air’s quality. However, the green homes go for very low to completely non-volatile building materials. Therefore, the indoor air quality is rather improved.

Healthier Lifestyle

A home that has improved air quality to breathe, uses water and solar energy effective and eco friendly building materials in its foundation, many types of germs and mold would pretty much stay away. This translates into a healthier lifestyle and it means that you and your family will not get sick often easily and that would again save you some money on your medical bills.

Lower Renovation Costs

As eco friendly homes are built using high quality environment friendly durable building materials, therefore the renovation and other maintenance costs will be pretty low as compared to a regular home.

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Availability of Financial Incentives

As global warming and climate changes are now showing their effects around the world, many people are interested to transform their lifestyle into a ‘green’ one but they can’t due to lack of finance. Therefore, many insurance and mortgage companies have come with different offers and plans to attract the potential buyers by offering lower interest rates and lower premium options.

These are some of the top eco friendly homes benefits among many others and they should enough to get you thinking to adapt an eco friendly lifestyle. It’s high time that we start playing our individual roles to protect the environment and save our planet before it’s too late.

If you have any other benefits of eco friendly homes or suggestions in mind, you’re free to share them with our readers in the comments section below.

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