Top and Best Eco Friendly Home Designs

eco friendly home designs

With world population on rise and different demands, it has become quite difficult even for the governments of developed countries to tackle the huge problem of pollution in its various forms. Obviously, it’s much harder for developing and under-developed countries where the situation is even worse. However, we can still play our role on individual basis. Trying to go green ourselves and telling others to do is the best thing we can do. Here are top eco friendly home designs that you can apply to go green and play your role to save the environment.

Best Eco Friendly Home Designs

Iseami Home Design

The architect of this home design made it sure that the style does not fades out when you bring the sustainability and add a green flavor to your home. Its building process involved using sustainable materials. Moreover, things like innovation, site, cost, materials, climate, energy, environment, water and atmosphere were kept in mind and are important elements for the design and construction of Iseami Home. To minimize the costs and carbon footprint, local materials were used and to get essence of solar reflectance index thermal panels were used. They were designed and built in Costa Rica.

Wis Tavern Eco Friendly Home

One of the first gold certified LEED-H homes was seen in Chicago. When the building was completed, 92% of waste material was recycled. Apart from that, the design comprises of energy efficient appliances, day lighting, a geothermal heating/cooling system, a green roof with solar panels and recycled glass terrazzo floors that were made by utilizing blender-ized chunks of old vinyl records – sounds as well as looks pretty amazing.

The Ecopod Design

Thinking out of the box design what was applied when this house’s idea took birth. Why? Well, it was made using a shipping container and the home employs recycled materials almost in every other aspect. The walls were made using birch paneling (over closed-cell soya foam insulation), the floors were laid by using recycled car tires whereas the glass windows are double paned to slow heat transfer. Lastly, a solar powered electric winch was added to control (lower/raise) the deck’s door.

Dome Eco Home Design

This eco friendly designed home can not only prove affordable but at the same time helps you to go green. With 3-4 people working, each dome home takes 7-8 days to build and weighs around 85kg only. The less time and less people as well the weight indicates that the overall labor and materials cost won’t be too high. Moreover, the casting of expanded polystyrene is very clean as it is made up of hydrogen and carbon. Normally, dome homes are popular in Japan but hey no-one’s stopping you to get one for yourself.

So, these are our top eco friendly home designs among many others. Even if you want to go green you have to spend some money. So, obviously a lot depends upon your budget as well. However, it’s not impossible to do so and you would be saving money and energy as well as playing your role to protect Mother Nature from getting harmed.

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