5 Tips To Clean Workout Clothes Completely

tips to clean clothes

The idea generally prevalent about freshly laundered clothes is that they are absolutely clean. But on the contrary they are still unclean and completely susceptible to carry microbial contamination.
The risk is especially high for workout clothes which can transfer this contamination onto skin. They are sweaty, heavily dirtied and full of odor. This makes them perfect breeding spots for fungi, molds, virus and bacteria. That is why this guide will provide some helpful tips about sanitizing the workout laundry completely. Here it goes:-

Avoid mix load laundering

Due to time constraints you may pool in all clothes for wash. But not only is it unhygienic, but it also increases the risk of contamination among other clothes. Instead segment clothes into – workout clothes, children clothes, everyday home apparels etc. After you have segmented your clothes, you can wash each segment separately. You may find it time consuming, but its least you can do to keep your family healthy. Other tips:

• Wash baby clothes as entire different set. They are prone to get infection really quick.

• Socks and undergarments require a more intense wash. Launder them separately over a
high temp wash.

• If someone in your house is ill, wash his/her clothes separately and preferably
over 60c temp.

Keep Temperature Bit High For Workout Clothes

The main focus here is workout clothes which are heavily soiled and pathogen contaminated. Researchers have found a strong link to athletic clothes like workout gear, towels, shoes, socks etc, being contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus.

High temperature wash, mostly with a good detergent over 40c were found effective in eradicating the bacterium. Reports by International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene highlight low temperature wash insufficient to kill these microbes.

Increase Rinse Cycle and Wash Washing Machine Too

To be sure about the cleanliness and hygiene of workout clothes put them through an extra rinse cycle. This will wash out any residue of detergent, stains or micro-organism. In addition it is also strongly recommended to wash your washing machine once in a month with highest temperature setting. Keep detergent drawer, rubber ring and other unreachable places of the washing machine clean.

Type Of Detergent

Choosing right detergent is another important thing to give your clothes a quality and hygienic wash. Commonly you’ll find either liquid or powder based detergents in market. While the former is gaining popularity of late, the latter is equally potent in its work. Another aspect which is gaining precedence is high-efficiency (HE) detergents for the newer and powerful washing machines. Other things to look in good detergent is quality of wash, eco-friendly nature, is it safe for septic systems and effectiveness against stains.

Most Important: Use Laundry Sanitizer

Laundry sanitizer disinfectants are not only effective in eliminating microbial contamination, but make your clothes completely fresh. Always buy a multitasking laundry sanitizer that is safe on fabric and machine and completely eradicates pathogens from workout clothes.

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