Getting Rid of Cockroaches for Good

What happens when an insect that can survive nuclear fallout sets up residence in your otherwise happy home?  A cockroach problem is among the most frustrating of all pest problems due to the extremely difficult task of eradicating them for once and for all.  Not only do cockroaches source your food, but can damage anything around the house from books to wallpaper.  These are not innocent creepy crawlies but insects which spread bacteria and germs around the home wherever they go.  As with most pest problems prevention is the best method to keep cockroaches out, but once it is already too late, there are a few quick tips to evict them for good.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches for Good

If cockroaches are the problem, it’s usually not a problem identifying them!  One of the most recognisable insects in the world, cockroaches can vary in size from region to region but the general form stays the same.  Where there is one cockroach there are surely more, so don’t hesitate to take action at the first sign of cockroach trouble.  Begin by eliminating as many sources of attraction as possible.  The first and most obvious thing they will gravitate toward is an easy food source.  The roaches can be quite creative with what qualifies as a food source, so you must be too.  Try following them if you are stumped, as they will likely be based mostly around a single source.  Some areas to begin by cleaning out are dishwasher traps, garbage cans, recycling bins, underneath refrigerators, in and around the oven, and the range on the stove.  Any area where grease builds up can attract cockroaches so give these areas a thorough clean with a grease removing product.

Next choose several methods of on-the-spot extermination.  It is wise to have a bug-killing spray on hand for when one is spotted.  A tip is to use something designed for outside pests.  While the active ingredients are much stronger, this type of spray will be more effective on the resilient cockroaches. Cockroach traps with sticky inserts are also a great option and can be placed all around the house.  If you have pets or small children and do not want poisons around the home, another option is to set out jars of water.  Make sure sources like leaky pipes and taps are fixed, then place jars of water anywhere cockroaches frequent in the home.  Once inside the cockroaches will not be able to get out.  The water also acts to suffocate this insect, which breathes through its skin.  Even when spot-killing cockroaches a spray bottle of water can be quite effective, but without a poisonous agent the cockroach may revive once the water dries up, so be sure to far remove the insect from your property before this happens.

If these simple tips fail, try not to go overboard with home remedies.  It is much more efficient and cost-effective to use an exterminator in many cases, rather than fighting an on-going battle on your own.  Mixing poisons and pesticides that you are unaccustomed to using is also hazardous not only to you but your family and neighbours, and as such best left to a professional.

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