Top 10 Environmental Issues

top 10 Environmental issues

Being an environmentalist this is our duty to sort out the environmental issues and solutions for the problems for the devastating effects of environmental degradation so here is the list which will tell u about the top 10 Environmental issues in general to the world.There is also a short description of the issues,this list is based on the survey by envirocivil’s experts.

Climate Change: Climate Change is now considered as the top most issue of this planet earth as a lot of diversions in climate pattern has been observed and ranked as top issue.Why this climate change occurs??is this natural or anthropogenic activity?If its necessary or environmental threat?Change in rain fall patterns,more severe drough,floods,windstorms and hurricanes made great impacts on our environment.

Energy: For big energy users, resource and energy productivity may become a major point of strategic advantage (or disadvantage if they don’t learn to properly utilize future and existing resources).

Water: World total capacity of water storage in some region will be increased and in some region there will be shortage of water as this is the major issue of the most of countries where power generation is main issue.Companies around the world now face real limits on access to water. A rising population and growing economies are putting substantial stress on resources. Pollution is increasingly a concern.

Biodiversity and land use:  A key factor in the decline of biodiversity is habitat loss. Many countries face pressure about their contribution to biodiversity, yet all humans are responsible of contributing to this problem.

Chemicals,Toxics and Heavy materials: Now a days as we have seen that many amazing products in general use are being created and all these products used in household items or for any purpose are made up of chemical things some are less toxic and some are more toxic so increased productivity of these products leads to increased chemicals reactions that is harmful for our environment

Air Pollution: Air pollution is considered to be a most common threat among the countries as increased industrialization number of factories releasing their waste chemicals into the air causing many diseases in adjacent areas.Minning and crushing for developing projects are also increasing the air pollution

Waste Managment: The EPA estimates that the 1,200 Superfund sites across the country will require about $200 billion to clean up over the next 30 years.So you can imagine how large amount of waste materials are dumping in the ground and from where soil texture is also turning fake and loss of nutrients a great damage for crops.

Ozone layer depletion: More thinner the ozone layer more exposure of UV rays to the atmosphere where they have the ability to cause cancer,disorder DNA and skin diseases

Oceans and fisheries: More than 75 percent of the world’s fisheries are over-exploited and beyond sustainability

Deforestration: Every country use wood and from that they make paper and paper packages so high usage of wood creating a problem for countries as they will be directly effecting with climate change and loss of habitat from that area will creat problems for the economy.



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