Top 10 Environmentalist Making Israel Green

Is Israel still a somewhat backward, developing country, with a commensurate environmental policy? It depends who you ask.

With much of its 60 plus years of existence devoted to survival, environmental awareness and conservation efforts took a back seat to what were perceived as more vital issues. But thanks to a growing army of activists, scholars and researchers, the tide has been shifting, as Israelis become more aware of the importance of sustainability and a clean environment.

So here is the top 10 Environmentalist Making Israel Green



1. Yossi Leshem

Yossi Leshem Israel’s infamous ‘bird man’, renowned ornithologist Yossi Leshem.

2. Isaac Berzin 

 Isaac Berzin Isaac Berzin aims to turn Israel into a biofuel powerhouse.

3. David Faiman

David FaimanSolar leader David Faiman.

4. Alon Tal 

alon tal

An “exemplary academic and environment leader”, Alon Tal has helped reshape Israel’s clean air, water and soil policies.

5. Naomi Tsur

 Naomi Tsur Ensuring a sustainable environment in Israel is a pre-condition for sustainable peace

6. Eilon Schwartz 

Called the ‘philosopher’ of Israel’s environmental movement 

7. Ahmed Amrani

ahmed amraniBedouin Ahmed Amrani is leading a number of important clean-up campaigns in Rahat, in the Negev.

8. Tzipi Iser-Itzik 

Tzipi Iser-Itzik has received numerous honors for her environmental work.

9. Benjamin Kahn 

benjamin kahn

Benjamin Kahn’s strong love of the sea led him into the world of environmentalism.

10. Gidon Bromberg 

goldon Fighting to stop pollution at the Jordan River, Gidon Bromberg, Israeli director of Friends of the Earth Middle East.

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