Protect yourself from cancer By Fruits and Vegetables

protect yourself from cancer

With the development and advancement of science & technology, all the humans living on this planet earth are facing a lot of problems. Just take common example. Many of people from us now have habit to eat fast food besides fruits and vegetables. It is not wrong to say that we are neglecting portion of vegetables and fruits in our daily life. Thus, we are losing resources of vitamins and minerals. Beside this, environmental pollution, smoking, use of tobacco in different forms, Chaliya, Gotka andSheesha are commonly adopted by our society in which we live. In returns, these things gave us a disease which is known as “Cancer”.

Many of people from us have already heard the name of this disease but from many years, rate of cancer is increasing rapidly in whole world including Pakistan. In America, Cancer is second largest disease which causes death. American society for Cancer have predicted recently that on my hand this disease is the biggest cause of deaths, at the same time and on other hand its treatment cost is very high that will have bad effect on economy. According to National Cancer Institute of America, one third treatment of cancer is linked with fruits and vegetables that we eat in our daily life. If you want to protect your health from these diseases, you have to give attentions to the use of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have anti cancer components in their self that will not only provide you protection but also vitamins and mineral of fruits and vegetables help in metabolism process of human body.

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This article is related to some fruits and vegetables which have ability to protect you from cancer.


Vegetable carrot is easily available in market every time. It makes food delicious that we eat in our daily life. Carrot can use in cooked form or as salad. It is good source of beta carotene and by the help of intestine enzymes this carotene is converted into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is necessary for our eye sight. Ne research has found that beta carotene has ability to protect from bladder, stomach and lung cancer.  Beside this, carrot has falcarinol which stops the appearance of cancer cells. Carrots are also biggest source of calcium, potassium, vitamins and iron.


All family of cauliflower has ability against cancer. Vegetable cauliflower has carbinol which stops the hormonal action of estrogen and protect from breast cancer. Another chemical component is also found in cauliflower i.e sulforaphane free radical which is anticancer.

Red Grapes

Fruit red grapes have bioflavonoids which are anti oxidative in nature and have ability to remove free radicals in blood. Beside this, red grapes also have resveratrol and ellagic acid.


Red barriers are good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C of barriers is anti oxidant in nature that protect from cancer. According to the American Institute for Cancer, it has illogic acid which slows down the reproduction rate of cancer cells.

Eat fruits and vegetables and stay healthy.

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